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About Us

BytePoint represents a little team of people with one true passion to make computers, computer science and the Internet itself more accessible and a better and safer place for everyone. We achieve this by working passionately and by constantly improving our skills, and not being scared to experiment with new technologies. We do our research.

What makes us unique?

Compared to other programming organizations in Serbia, we specialize in making the Internet a better place for everyone by investing our resources in open source software. We were one of the first in Serbia to recognize the importance of "little penguins". Fifteen years later, we support GNU/Linux community and contribute to open source software. Besides dedicated work put in various software solutions for our clients, we like to contribute to our local community by dedicating some of our spare time in helping everyday citizens and tourists of Republic of Serbia deal with their day to day lives by creating free software with this purpose in mind.

Our Skills

Our team can offer you the highest form of proficiency in software development which is based on web technologies, especially for development of so called "backend", server-side software. Besides that, we make use of technologies and platforms such as AMQP, Java, Java Servlet, Spring Boot, Android SDK, JSON, Protocol Buffers, C/C++, Python, REST API, WebSockets, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Boot Strap, and many more. Operating systems we prefer to develop for and on are Linux based systems.

Communication with our clients and the users of our software solutions is of the outermost importance to us, hence we offer a team of people willing to improve and learn new technologies if it will ensure the success of the project.

We're working on..


With the help of this app, you will never miss a train in Serbia! The app itself has been developed to be useful and is not a property of "Serbian Railways". We wanted to help popularize railways in our country, by building an easy to use app you can carry in your own pocket. This application works on Android only.


This tool represents our contribution to open source community, in area of software related to making day to day life in Serbia better. As such, this app is compatible with all the major operating systems, and with the help of our C++ library you can integrate its functionality in your own software. Some of the major characteristics of this application is the possibility of making credit payment orders digitally, generating IPS codes to be scanned for a new way of paying in Serbia, and making payment files which can be read by various forms of banking software in Serbia. Next, there is a way to validate credit payment orders and to keep your everyday business as usual. "Books" is a business management software which helps with paymens, but it is in Serbian only, and works only for Serbian institutions.

Something yours can be here!

Besides general purpose software development, we dedicate special efforts to developing software to do exactly what it is made to do, and to work directly for you, not making you work for it. We charge for this, with the price varying depending on multiple factors such as the amount of work required, deadlines and the overall kind of work which needs to be done, after the deal is made.